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LARA Fish Unit

Our system is equipped with mechanical and biological water treatment systems, pumps, sensors, cameras, feeders, heaters and more.

One unit is rated to produce 2 tons per year at a stocking density of 60+ kg/m³. Due to its modular design a farm can be tailored to the production volume and harvest intervals. An entire farm can be deployed in less than 7 days in industrial sites, urban environments, deserts and agricultural land.

Schedule a virtual video tour of our demo farm with our experts.

blue planet ecosystems
blue planet ecosystems

Virtual Fish Farmer – AI Manager

Our system never sleeps. With state of the art technology you can produce fish on autopilot.

With our Software as a Service offer we monitor the performance of your systems and the well-being of your fish 24/7. With our proprietary AI-driven analytics we do not only predict system performance, we monitor the behavior of your fish to make sure they are happy and healthy. 


Contact us if you want to experience our control homepage first hand.

Biology as a Service

Animal husbandry made easy.

Our team of biologists and fish veterinarians will breed your fish stock from egg to fingerlings to make sure no pathogens are introduced into your system. We have selected strains of fish that are tasty, sustainable and attractive to the market. If our Artificial Intelligence detects any problems, our biology team is notified instantly and will assess the situation. You can rest assured.


We will also provide you with feed that ensures an ideal nutrient profile for optimal growth and system performance. 


Our Biology as a Service is fully integrated with the rest of the system. Tell us your harvest date and quantity – we will do the rest.

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